Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight (ヴァンパイア 騎士 Vampaia Naito (Kishi), Lit. Vampire Knight) is a manga by Matsuri Hino shōjo, author also of other manga like Toraware no Mi no Ue and Merupuri. The series was published in January 2005 by the magazine LaLa. The manga has had international success, graduating for publication in French, Italian, Portuguese, etc..
It also emerged from the anime series that contains 26 chapters, 13 in the first season “Vampire Knight” that were done between April 8, 2008 to July 1, 2008, and another 13 in the second season Vampire Knight Guilty “between October 6, 2008 until 29 December 2008.
The story begins when Yuki recalls that in his childhood while he was lost in the winter, was attacked by a vampire out of control situation that rescued another vampire, Kaname Kuran. He carried with Kaien Cross, who becomes his foster father and later, the director of the Cross Private Academy “school with a system of day and evening classes. However, the elite academy is hiding a secret: the Night Class students are actually vampires. The principal and Kaname Kuran believe it is possible peaceful coexistence of humans and vampires.
Zero, a boy from a family of vampire hunters whose parents were killed by the eternal Vampireza florecer.y it already been four years, are the only ones in the Day Class and who know the secret deal to keep order at the Academy. Zero hates vampires more than anything in the world so this against the pacifism of the director and hated enough to “Ka” being of the same class as this woman, but in turn also hides a secret in the torture day.
Despite his deep love for Kaname Kuran, Yuki can not fully accept as part of her always loved Zero the person who lived with her these past four years but who did not want to show their true nature for fear to damage it. Through history are revealed the deep ties to Zero and Yuki is given to know that no matter what she chooses to sacrifice his life before dying to see Zero in so willingly accepts help and is not afraid to approach the knowing that Kaname is disgusted and angry.
The hidden secret that Zero is that everyone is a vampire level “E” but once gets out and bites Yuki, Yuki and Kaname protects Kaname spares his life, even knowing that Yuki would be forever bound to the by “blood kiss” so Kaname spares his life by agreeing to protect Yuki from anything no matter what happens but at the end of “vampire knight guilty” is revealed that Yuki is a pureblood vampire and her Zero promises to kill Rido after that the next time you see on the kill and Yuki tells him to run forever for Zero has a reason to exist.

Day Class
• Yuki Cross (Kurosu) or Yuki Clan (Kuran) (黒 主 优 姫 Yuki Kurosu, Kuran Yuki?, 15 years)
Voiced by: Yui Horie
Protagonist of the manga, when she was five years old was apparently abandoned by her family during a snowstorm and vampire Kaname Kuran, saved her from being devoured by another vampire from level E (a human turned into a vampire, the last level in the vampire) . Ten years later, adopted daughter of the Cross school principal, this is the only memory that has of his childhood. Yuki is a guardian of the Day Class and uses a weapon called Artemis Road that conducts electricity, which only affects vampires. Its mission is to prevent a delegate Night Class, led by Kuran Kaname, damage to students of Class Day or that they become aware of the truth. In his accompanying delegate tasks Zero, who is like a brother to her, but she also felt a great affection for the moment that the director took him to the house, four years before the present of history covered in blood and in shock, because of the death of his father attacked by a vampire. His concern for Zero takes you further in history to voluntarily give blood to prevent it from falling into level E with Zero no pills digested blood. It is revealed later in the story she is the princess of pure blood, pure blood daughter of the Kuran marriage, and therefore sister of Kaname though not a blood tie. The couple’s Kuran Rido Kuran killed his uncle, who was in love with Yuki’s mother, juuri Kuran. In the manga also reveals that she is his fiancee Kaname. She deeply loves Kaname, but their feelings are confused by zero, so it is in a very confused emotional state.

• Zero Kiriyū (锥 生 零, Kiryu Zero?, 16 years)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano
Zero’s family, vampire hunters, was murdered by the pure blood vampire Shizuka Hiouen. The director of the Academy took him with him and raised him and Yuki, making the other delegate (guardian). His vampire hunter weapon is a gun called “Bloody Rose”. Zero has always hated vampires but because Shizuka bit his level is a vampire E. Zero has a twin brother, Ichiru, who stood next to Shizuka, until his death.While Zero is blamed for these acts there is a strong reason for making the “bloody kiss” (bite and removal of blood) this is by having deep feelings such as affection or love for the person who has always supported tenderly Yuki ; by history meets her teacher and mother shizuka vampire who does not let you take Yuki and who also seriously damaged with his pistol but that is not enough and although it wanted to kill her and get her blood does not otherwise is Kaname who finishes the job without hesitation. Although Zero seems to have deep feelings for Yuki, he discovers that it is a thoroughbred tells him she is his enemy and treats her with cold, promising also to it (Yuki) as Kaname kill.


• Ichiru Kiriyū (Kiryu Ichiru?, 16 years)
Is the twin brother of Zero.De small Ichiru much loved and admired Zero, but it betrayed him and his whole family because he felt slighted because of their weak body and poor health. Ichiru Shizuka stood with her until death, and was the one who helped kill his family due to a pending account that he had with his parents. Shortly after Shizuka was killed by Kaname, Ichiru before he died he gave his blood to Zero with what became stronger as a vampire hunter.
• Yori Wakaba (若 叶 沙 頼 15 years)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
This is Yuki’s roommate and best friend from high school. Usually call Yori Yuuki-chan. She is one of the few girls who does not care what kind of night -. It is very observant.
Class Night
• Kaname Clan (Kuran) (玖 兰 枢 Kuran Kaname, 17 years)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
Pureblood vampire, lost her parents when she was very small, although it is believed it was suicide, there is the theory of murder. His passion is playing with a chess board by placing and manipulating the pieces so you can protect Yuuki, Yuuki saved from attack by another vampire when she was little. He is president of the Night Class, both feared and respected by other students. Although cold with peers, is always kind and sweet to Yuki. Yuki as she loves on, but is jealous and angry with Zero while drinking their blood that act can not do that would bind to a target yuki suffering too soon. Sorry Zero’s life despite his problems because he knows how much I suffer Yūki besides that Zero is useful to care for and also that zero would not allow it so easily as though he ignores is just a way to have yuki close. Yuki and Kaname Kaname are really committed but not yet revealed to Yuki that are not really brothers, despite having been raised as such and be engaged. Kaname manipulates all Night Class members only to protect Yuki from his worst enemy: Rido Kuran. In fact, Kaname is the ancestor of the Kuran was awakened from his tomb by Rido. For this reason, he can not kill you, and what would be his “teacher”, but we must bear in mind that unlike the relationship between Shizuka and Zero where the latter despite not wanting his body acted alone, Kaname is a powerful pureblood manipulated by a hierarchy which can turn their mercy.





  • Takuma Ichijo (一条 拓 麻 17)
    Voiced by: Susumu Chiba
    Is Kaname’s best friend, known since childhood and is Kaname’s right hand, while not in too much of it. His grandfather belongs to the “Council of Elders”. It has as a weapon a second season Katana.en takuma rido must protect this shiki’s body even against kaname but then, reciting the following phrase “I have betrayed you as a vampire but not betray you as a friend” fight against kaname grandfather for help, after that died in the collapse takuma causing kaname to defeat Takuma’s grandfather.
    • Hanabusa Aido (Hanabusa Aido 16)
    Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama
    Night class students as well as the idol for the girls by day, loves to eat sweets (you can get to eat like 4 dishes) and she loves to praise the girls. It’s cousin Akatsuki Kain. Her family is one of the most important in the society of vampires, since her father is a member of the council of elders. It has the power to handle the ice. It is one of the most loyal to Kaname Kuran, who loves him very much and would do everything even be in your reach to help.
    • Akatsuki Kain (架 院 暁 16)
    Aido’s cousin. A collaborator with Kaname. Usually ignores what his cousin, which leads him to get into trouble, yet when you try to solve them, making the situation worse. Aido is calmer than it is even very seriously at all times. His nickname is “Wild” but has no relation to his personality. Fire control.
    • Senri Shiki (架 院 暁 15 years)
    It is one of the youngest night class. He works as a model with Rima Tohya yet they are very united were always seen together. It has a strong relationship with Ichijou as with Rima, so together they will exterminate vampires Level E, when they receive the order of the Senate (the grandfather of Ichijou is part of the Senate). His father is Rido Kuran Kaname’s uncle, so it would come to be cousins, but they say that maybe the father is Rido Kuran Kaname and Yuki is the only legitimate child. His attitude is very casual, so it is always encouraged by Ichijou. His weapon is a whip that develops with his blood.
    • Rima Tohya (远 矢 莉 磨 16)
    Along with Shiki is one of the youngest in class and also works as a model. It is a good friend of Shiki and so are always together, their attitude is very cold, almost never seen away from Senri Shiki. His ability is the Lightning.
    • Souen Ruka (早 园 瑠 佳 17 years)
    One of the girls vampires. Cold attitude, is attracted to Kaname even allowed to suck blood. However it is unclear to what extent are related, or that is what she feels for Kaname. One of the most loyal and protective of Kaname. Feel dislike Yuki because you do not like Kaname interest he has it.
    • Seiren (星 炼 18)
    Is Kaname’s unofficial guardeespaldas, always ready to assist you. Just Kaname pronounces his name, she appears out of nowhere. It is usually the first to defend Kaname from danger.
    Content of work
    Written by Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight is published in monthly LaLa magazine Editor’s Hakusensha since January 2005. Until October 2009, has been published 11 tankobons.1
    The manga was licensed by several publishers, and VIZ Media (U.S.), Panini (Italy, France, Brazil) and countries such as New Alemania2 and Zelanda.3
    Volume ISBN Date Published in Japan
    01 ISBN 4-592-18301-0
    July 5 20,054

02 ISBN 4-592-18302-9
December 5 20,055

03 ISBN 4-592-18303-7
April 5, 20,066

04 ISBN 4-592-18304-5
October 5 20,067

05 ISBN 4-592-18305-1
April 5, 20,078

06 ISBN 4-592-18306-8
October 5 20,079

07 ISBN 978-4-592-18307-5
April 5, 200,810

08 ISBN 978-4-592-18308-2
October 10, 200,811

In Spain have published the first nine volumes. It is the longest work of Matsuri Hino and still do not know how many volumes will be.
Directed by Kiyoko Sayama and produced by Studio DEEN, the series was released by the television network TV Tokyo on April 7, 2008.
A second season of Vampire Knight which is called “Vampire Knight Guilty.” It opened on 6 October 2008.
# Opening
Kana / kanji

Vampire Knight 1 『ふたつ の 鼓動 と 赤い 罪』 Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi and sins Two beats red ON / OFF

2 Vampire Knight Guilty 『轮 迴 – ロンド – Rondo Metempsychosis』 ~ ~ Rondo ON / OFF

It seems many people misinterpret the name of the second opening, and call it “Rinne-Rondo. Equivocaión This is because the name is “Rondo”. The reason for this confusion is that in Japan when you write a foreign word, also spelled its Japanese equivalent. However, only takes into account as written originally (for example, when writing the title otiginal series, read “Vampire Knight” Kishi “being ‘kishi’ the equivalent of ‘knight’, but only read ‘ Knight ‘).
Endings [edit]
# Ending
Kana / kanji

1 Vampire Knight Still Doll 』『 Still Doll Kanon Wakeshima still doll

2 Vampire Knight Guilty 砂 の お 城 『』 Suna No Oshiro Kanon Wakeshima Sand Castle

• Apparently, both as to Senri Rima likes chocolates that promotes Ayumi Hamasaki, Pocky, since often they are seen eating them.
• The spider that appears at the beginning of the opening is the same spider that appears in Hell Girl, also known as Hell Girl.
• In the opening appears Kaien Cross director quitandoce tape hair in a way that seems to be the father Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood character).
• Zero and Ichiru to be twin brothers, have some resemblance to “Dante” and “Vergil” of Devil May Cry series which are also twins, another similarity is that Vergil used as Ichiru katana.
• In episode 7 of the first season looks like Kaname Kuran lelouch from Code Geass
• In Fansubs is constantly made the grave mistake of writing “Yuuki” instead of “Yuki” is a serious mistake because when he was given his name, mentioned that meant Snow (Yuki), however, if Yuuki would mean Courage.
• Another mistake is to write the fansubs “Kuran” instead of “Clan” (referring to Kaname), arguing that although pronounced “Kuran” in Japan the combination “CL” and added there is no letter U in between (this only in the pronunciation), and L has a softer pronunciation as an “R” osea, Clan, clan writing is correct or at least so matsuri hino writes.
• When in the opening 2, and zero cross ichiru (translated as the song goes: “when the targets are crossing”) is also Crusan interpreters in the original clip, which are also twins. (See the video clip ON / OF – Rondo)